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Air Jordan 7

Year Released: 1991
Designer: Tinker Hatfield
Most Popular Colorways: Hare, Bordeaux, Black/True Red, Cardinal, Olympic
First Retroed: 2002 

When most people see art or listen to music, they may only see or hear what’s on the surface. Tinker Hatfield tends to dig deeper and discover more than most would. When designing the Jordan VII, Tinker took ideas from Western African tribal art and Afro-pop, two very random but well-calculated places to find ideas for his next classic Jordan. He also took some ideas from his Huarache concept and added them for the perfect combination. 

Like many other things in the Air Jordan legacy, the "Hare Jordan" ad campaign may look like a no-brainer now, but it represented quite the risk and investment back in '92. The initial ad alone cost $1 million (not including Jordan's salary), took six months to make, and required 3,000 separate illustrations drawn by 25 different artists. Another great look for the VIIs was the King of Pop himself inviting MJ to come "Jam" with him, rocking the "Bordeaux" VIIs all up in the video. 

After wrapping up back-to-back NBA titles with a decisive win over the Blazers and the greatest shrug pre-Kanye, Michael was the face of the USA “Dream Team” consisting of a who’s-who of future NBA Hall of Famers (and Christian Laettner) in Barcelona. The squad murked international competition by an average of almost 44 points in route to bringing home the gold. Is that enough accolades for one sneaker? Thought so.

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